Bri Luhrmann is a fashion and lifestyle Stylist with almost ten years’ experience across fashion, accessories, kids and homewares.

Having worked as a Photographer’s Assistant and then Stylist, Bri is an expert at balancing her technical knowledge of photography and fashion with her knack for interpreting client briefs. Thanks to her solid grounding in editorial and e-commerce, her style is both versatile and inspired.

Bri is available for freelance and contractual work in Sydney.| 0406 665 790


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 “I’m obsessed with the act of putting things together. Outfits, floral arrangements, living rooms; anything really. The process is very exciting for me. That’s what I love about styling. I strive to challenge people to see the unexpected and to (hopefully) be inspired to strive for it themselves.”

- Bri Luhrmann